Fill Sand & Gravel in Bakersfield CA

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Sand & Gravel

We offer a variety of sand and gravel types at Edison Sand & Gravel Inc. in Bakersfield, CA. Our products include bank run, screened and unscreened sand and gravel. Our quality assurance testing ensures you are receiving the best available fill, so call today!

Gravel Sizes 3/8″, 3/4″ and 1 1/2″

For over 16 years, Edison Sand & Gravel Inc. has been delivering bulk gravel in several different sizes. 3/8″ gravel is often Sand used for playgrounds and driveways. Driveways also are often built with 3/4″ gravel along with walkways, septic tank linings, and decorative stone. 1.5″ gravel is even larger and has many similar uses.

Fill Sand for Landscaping & Foundations

At Edison Sand & Gravel Inc., we serve residential, commercial and municipal customers throughout Bakersfield, CA with prompt sand and gravel delivery. Whether you are a landscaper beautifying a landscape or a construction company in need of sand for foundation builds, rely on our professionals for great materials at great prices!


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